A 1-year mastermind group for Nashville Creatives who want more money, freedom, and outstanding results!

Do you feel overwhelmed running your business, and unsure of what to focus on or prioritize? Have you been frustrated by the paycheck to paycheck cycle and never having enough money to do what you love? Are you tired of doing this alone?

Do you want more money and freedom to live life on your terms? Would the support and community of like minded artists and creatives be valuable to you? Are you ready to dream, think, and live BIG by taking action and achieving outstanding results?

The Nashville Creative Mastermind is designed to offer support, resources, and transformation in these 5 areas.

Clarify Your Vision & Direction

Clarity on where you want to be 1, 5, 10 years from now, what your purpose is, and why success is a must for you.

Strategize an Action Plan for Your Success

A plan that gives you confidence knowing you're taking the most important steps every day that help you achieve your goals.

Upgrade Your Skills

Identify tools & skills you might need to improve upon or develop that add value and make results happen faster. 

Design an Environment that Helps You Focus

Remove friction so success is easier. A community mastermind environment that supports you in taking action towards your goals.  

Master Your Mindset

Push past limiting beliefs or fears that keep you inactive, unfocused, or procrastinating on the very thing that would move you ahead. 

Your Success is Inevitable!

Are you ready to step up and not let fear call the shots? Are you committed to being your best self, dreaming BIG, and making an impactful contribution with your business and life?  

Nashville Creative Mastermind Details...

It’s a 12 Month Mastermind Designed to Help You Get Outstanding Results Now. 

Monthly Mastermind Gatherings (12 Total) • 8 Virtual (90 minute calls) • 4 In-Person (Nashville quarterly half day intensives) The Financial Focus Lab • Financial Strategy calls on the 5th & 20th of every month • Helping you master your money and create sustainable freedom VIP Access to Live Events • Attend my upcoming More Money & Freedom Masterclass Live Event FB Group Community for weekly support In a Small Group Limited to Just 10 People 

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